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3 Reasons Why You Need Workers Compensation

When operating a business, it is vital to obtain workers compensation insurance for the safety and security of your employees. If you are unfamiliar, workers compensation is an insurance that provides cash benefits and/or medical assistance to your employees if their injury or illness is a direct result of their job. Keep reading to discover why you need workers compensation for your business and why you should visit CIA Insurance to help you!

Why is Workers Compensation Essential?

Workers compensation is essential because it not only provides valuable protection for you, but also to your employees if things go wrong. Here are some reasons why you need workers compensation:

  • If medical assistance is needed, workers compensation will allow employees to be helped and cared for faster: This type of insurance can help employees receive the care they need that they otherwise might not get on their own. This includes upfront medical expenses, wage losses, and rehabilitation post injury.  

  • Your business will be protected from injury lawsuits: In the unlikely event that an employee desires to sue after receiving their compensation, the insurance company will cover it, allowing the business to be protected from having to pay out of pocket. 

  • Employers are liable for medical bills if there is an injury: The business is always liable for what occurs in the workplace, even if the employee contributes to the accident. With that being said, having workers compensation will benefit you greatly as there are always unexpected incidents in the workplace with employers. 

Visiting a Trusted Insurance Agency in Smithtown

Protect your business from the unexpected and be ahead of the game by purchasing workers compensation from a trusted insurance agency in Smithtown, such as the Central Insurance Agency (CIA). CIA is located at 93 East Main St. in Smithtown, New York, and we offer our clients great assistance in finding the right plan for you and your business. Request a quote or visit our website to learn more about workers compensation and why it is so important to have for your business!

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