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Assault Liabilities Within the Security Industry

Assault Liabilities Within the Security Industry

Assault is a possibility within the security industry that can lead to many problems down the line when businesses are not prepared for it. The best way to prepare for these incidents is through the use of robust insurance policies that can keep your business protected. The security industry deals in the protection of people or assets, so it stands to reason that incidents involving physical injury can happen on the job.

With the right training and preparedness procedures, your business’s employees can rest assured that their needs will be met, and your business can keep protected in the event of claims filed against you in cases of assault.

As cited by Central Insurance Agency, numerous coverages are often a necessity for business within the security industry:

  • General Liability

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

  • Workers Compensation

  • Professional Liability

  • Assault and Battery

  • Client Property coverage

  • Crime coverage

  • Commercial auto

If employees are assaulted on the job, there are a few key steps to follow which will help your business proceed smoothly from there, as well as for the sake of your employee. A thorough investigation should take place, including documentation to the extent possible. A security officer’s activity log can be a crucial piece of evidence during matters of assault, and the key to keeping a strong activity log is employee education.

Interviewing all employees and witnesses present as well as observing possible surveillance recordings will allow for you to understand the situation and take corrective action from there. Surveillance can also help to dissuade others from filing claims against your security force. Assault is serious and can bring not only physical but mental harm to a security employee. In cases where employees are not at fault, it is important to consider their wellbeing and to review procedures so that such incidents can be mitigated.

The security industry is full of potential liabilities, so it is up to the right coverage plan to keep your business properly insured. The expert insurance brokers at Central Insurance Agency can help with this process, creating tailor-made policies best able to benefit your business.

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