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The Essentials of Light Community Care Insurance Plans

Home health care has evolved in various ways that benefit not only the patient but the health care company as well. Home health care services are vital in our society and have developed and changed to offer better care, support, and efficiency for their customers. Keep reading to learn how and why home health care has evolved from an insurance agency in Smithtown, the Central Insurance Agency.

Things You May Not Know About Security Guards

Security agencies provide security guards and patrols for businesses and other organizations. Looking to obtain security for your business? There are various misconceptions about security guards, so keep reading to learn what to expect from security guards from our knowledge at the Central Insurance Agency.

The Necessary Insurance Policies Contractors Should Have

Contractors face many on-the-job risks that should be noted by those businesses seeking safety and financial comfort for themselves and their employees. If you are a contracting business working in plumbing, construction, or electrical work, the right insurance policies can keep your business stable amid unexpected risks…

Contractors’ Insurance Needs and CIA

As a contractor, you face risks every day out in the field. Contract companies have a lot of responsibility and handle multiple moving parts. As a contractor, it is necessary to obtain insurance and coverage if things go wrong. Here are some of the risks contractors face on the job.

Home Alarm Systems: Why You Need Them in Your Home

As a homeowner, purchasing a security system for your home has great benefits for the safety and security of you and your family. There is plenty of convenience, protection, and peace of mind that comes along with having a sound security system. Purchasing a system from an established security company that has good insurance coverage is important. Keep reading to better understand the reasons for purchasing a security system from the Central Insurance Agency.

Why Small Businesses Need Insurance

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Whether you are a large corporation with thousands of employees or a small start-up with 10 employees, various risks can occur in the workplace. It is important to have the correct insurance coverage needed for your specific business. Learn more about why small businesses need insurance from us at the Central Insurance Agency.