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Central Insurance Agency: Why Fire Suppression Matters

Central Insurance Agency: Why Fire Suppression Matters

Fire suppression and insurance for fire suppression systems and services is a necessity that protects businesses and tight-knight residential areas from the heavy monetary impact of damaging fires or failed fire suppression systems. Businesses that install these systems are also left at risk, often being among the first to be blamed in the case of emergency fires.

The range of health hazards found beneath the umbrella of fire suppression is vast: quality control, repair-work, and installation are all aspects of fire suppression where risk is heightened. Fire suppression insurance often includes repair and installation liabilities as well, meaning for a well-rounded coverage plan.

For those who install sprinkler or chemical fire suppression systems as well as other fire suppression equipment, there are numerous risks to consider that a proper insurance coverage plan can help with. When things go wrong, the business installing these systems are often the first to be blamed, and so robust coverage becomes a necessity within the industry.

Fire suppression insurance potentially covers many aspects of the industry, from design through to maintenance and repair of pre-existing systems. Insurance is the first line of defense against these liabilities. Fire suppression insurance policies can, and often do include property insurance, extending to buildings and work equipment. For a more complete list of what fire suppression insurance may cover, read below:

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

  • Commercial Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Property

  • Workers’ Compensation

As a general insurance broker with specialties in general liability as well as umbrella/excess liability insurance, the professionals at Central Insurance Agency will have you or your business backed through a variety of industries. Conveniently located on the CIA website are fire suppression insurance applications.

Ask for a free quote today to learn how Central Insurance Agency can best serve your insurance needs!

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