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Contractors, Insurance Needs, and CIA

Contractors, Insurance Needs, and CIA

Contractors require robust insurance plans meant to protect businesses in the face of adverse risk. As a contractor, customers are reliant upon your expertise to ensure the completion of their projects. Contractors often vary in the work they do, so it is important to have a varied and tailor-made insurance plan meant to alleviate costs from liabilities.

The diverse amount of work that contractors handle can expose your business to various risks. Some potential problems that can occur on a job site include: damage to client property, destruction of records, or employee injury.

Contractor liability insurance is a common part of a strong insurance plan. Liability insurance can include protection for your assets, employees, and other protections as well. The goal of a strong insurance plan is to give you peace of mind while also keeping costs down in the event of liability-based incidents. No one wants their business to face lawsuits, being protected can help keep costs down and protect you from further issues.

General Liability Insurance protects your contracting business from lawsuits resulting from injuries or property damage. General liability insurance also helps cover the costs associated with claims resulting from injuries as well.

Commercial Property Insurance is also a major benefit and often necessary for contractors as commercial property insurance tends to involve the equipment necessary to complete the job. If the tools or equipment you use every day gets damaged or stolen, it can mean a host of new issues for your business. Making sure your equipment and necessary tools are insured will ultimately help your business in the long run and reduce the risk of thefts or other vulnerabilities costing you a fortune.

Not just any insurance broker can help your contracting business keep costs down. Central Insurance Agency is experienced and ready to provide your business with a cost-effective insurance plan.

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