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Current Home Alarm System Issues

Many people utilize alarm systems in their homes to allow their families to feel safe and protected. Although that is what alarm systems are intended to do, many issues can arise for the alarm system company if things do not work properly. Keep reading to learn more about 3 current alarm system issues our insurance company, Central Insurance Agency, has been seeing in homes.

Incomplete Coverage from Security Cameras

A common issue that may arise when purchasing an alarm system is the fact that the security coverage might not cover the entire space. A few areas of the home may be out of the view of the surveillance camera, even if they purchase multiple cameras, allowing incomplete protection of the home. It is important to think smartly and carefully during the installation process to get the best view of the area. 

Loss of Connection to Wifi

Not all, but some security systems utilize wifi to record footage. If there is a loss of connection or bad connection to the wifi, it could cause the footage to be blurry, freeze, or not work altogether. This can be a big issue for security companies that utilize wifi for their products. 

False Alarms

Many homeowners face false alarms going off on their security systems. This can be triggered by the system not being installed correctly or even by a loud sound or fallen branch. False alarms can be irritating to homeowners as they spend a lot of money on these security systems with hopes of them working properly. These systems need to be properly installed and maintained by the security company to ensure that false alarms do not occur. 

Central Insurance Agency (CIA)

As a security company, it is important to stay on top of these current home alarm system issues to ensure you are providing the best product and service for your customer. It is essential for your security company to be backed up by an insurance agency, such as the Central Insurance Agency (CIA), so that your business can be protected if issues surface during the installation process or after. Get a fast insurance quote today from the Central Insurance Agency to move towards the safety and protection of your business. Learn more about our insurance agency by visiting our website today.

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