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Do You Need a Sprinkler Fire Suppression System?

Do You Need a Sprinkler Fire Suppression System?

A sprinkler fire suppression system may be needed in certain buildings for a variety of reasons. Commercial buildings are particularly susceptible to flames, and therefore laws as to when a fire suppression system may be required. Newly built commercial buildings over 5,000-feet will generally need a fire suppression system in order to be above board. New tenants and occupants can also cause a fire sprinkler system to be necessary.

It can be hard to know for some who do not require a sprinkler system whether or not it will eventually become mandatory, or if it is worth getting ahead and installing a fire suppression system simply for safety’s sake.

Firstly, for private residences it should be known that a sprinkler system is not always necessary. For those buildings being constructed in densely populated areas, as well as for new tenants, however, it may be worth thinking about a fire suppression system. Installation companies serving private residences would do well to make sure they have their insurance needs covered with regards to potential liabilities, however.

Central Insurance Agency can serve these businesses best as general insurance brokers with years of experience under their belt. Installation, repair, and maintenance of fire suppression systems can open a business up to numerous liabilities, and CIA can help with policies tailor-made for you.

When considering sprinkler systems for homes and private residences, it is certainly important to consider the cost. On average, the damage that strong fires can bring will supersede the price of a sprinkler system. These systems can mitigate damage, as well as the costs associated with them. A fire sprinkler system drastically increases the chances of survival for those worried for their safety in a fire-related situation, and can even reduce the cost of homeowner and certain commercial business insurances overall.

A fire sprinkler system is oftentimes well worth the cost. It can put your mind at ease, and also keep you safe in the event of a destructive fire.

For businesses that deal with the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems, you would do well to be covered. Contact CIA to request your free quote today!

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