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Facial Recognition and the Security Industry


Facial Recognition and the Security Industry

With a constant advancement in technology over the last decade, the security industry has seen a boom across a variety of different specializations. Private security businesses have been growing, and this is both in part due to new regulations for employees, but also the deployment of new, effective technologies.

One in particular that has faced public scrutiny at times is the technology of facial recognition. In short, facial recognition technology has advanced to the extent that security firms have been able to implement the technology for more thorough security procedures and programs.

It is the position of the Security Industry Association that facial recognition, despite occasional grievances with its use, has on numerous occasions benefited the American people, as well as clients of private security firms. From aiding law enforcement in missing persons cases, as well as in the fight against human trafficking, this technology has become crucial as a force for positive security.

Facial recognition is often considered, in this modern threat landscape, an important aspect of the security field. It enhances the solution-power of various security firms, both federal and private, and allows for easy-to-track breaches in the event of a security issue.

Of course, it is the issue of transparency that has caused this emerging technology to fall under public scrutiny. “Transparency should be the foundation that governs the use of facial recognition technology for both commercial and government use,” claims the Security Industry Association.

The future of the security industry is a bright one so long as technologies are used fairly, and implemented with proper training. As more and more becomes possible within the private security field, it is imperative that these businesses are covered.

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