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Fire Suppression Contractors and Their Insurance Needs

Fire Suppression Contractors and Their Insurance Needs

Fire suppression installation is a serious job that requires a serious insurance policy to be able to back businesses within the industry. At the end of the day, fire suppression system contractors face serious risks and potential financial liability due to the nature of their industry. These liabilities stem from the industry itself, being one that deals in the emergency service of fire prevention as well as the alerting of authorities. When things go wrong, among the first to be blamed are those who installed fire suppression systems.

Fire suppression system contractors, from installation to design, and even system monitors, may face a high level of business liability. Whether or not you are an established business or one that is looking into fire suppression installation, know that the right insurance policies are necessary to avoid fraudulent claims and job site incidents.

Central Insurance Agency is a general broker that works with your business to find a policy plan that can cover all of your specific needs. CIA’s well-equipped, experienced team will be able to find tailor-made policy plans that can strengthen your insurance risk posture. Fire suppression insurance includes professional liability, umbrella liability, and protection from on-the-job accidents, which may include workers’ compensation.

In the case of a worker sustaining an injury, fire suppression insurance can sometimes cover workers’ compensation, but this is typically only if the injury is a result of an on-site incident. As for umbrella liability, when an incident that is not covered by your general insurance policy occurs, umbrella liability can allow for businesses to be further covered.

Fire suppression insurance may cover the following according to prominent experts in the field:

  • Property, including building and equipment

  • Excess/Umbrella liability

  • Auto insurance

  • Workers’ compensation

For those businesses that deal with fire suppression systems in any form, the right insurance policies are necessary to keep both workers and the business itself insured from unnecessary risk. Contact Central Insurance Agency today to learn how your insurance needs can be met, and to get a free quote!

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