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Fire Suppression Equipment and Industry Risk

Fire Suppression Equipment and Industry Risk

As with any industry, there are numerous risks to be found within the fire suppression industry. Damaging flames are a risk to many businesses as well as residential areas, as such, the fire suppression industry is one that deals with a certain level of inherent risk. Doing business within a liability-heavy industry means that it is important to be covered, because when fire suppression fails, the companies that installed them are sometimes blamed.

A general insurance broker such as Central Insurance Agency allows businesses within risky industries to prosper among a sea of liabilities and financial risk. However, the strength of an insurance program matters little compared to well-trained and protected employees. Those that install or repair fire suppression equipment can face accidents no matter their level of skill, but keeping well-trained employees does mitigate risk.

The CIA team can be your business’s first step towards policy security, with a tailor-made coverage plan that can match your business’s needs. Conveniently located on CIA’s website are applications for various insurance policies across their variety of industry specialties, including fire suppression insurance.

Fire suppression insurance covers the liabilities that deal with installation, repair, and maintenance of fire suppression equipment and their necessary systems. However, as a general insurance broker, CIA can help find policies for across numerous needs, including:

  • Workers’ Compensation  

  • General Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Employment Practice Liability

  • Property Coverage

For those considering their next insurance steps, particularly for businesses in liability-heavy industries such as fire suppression, get a free quote from Central Insurance Agency today!

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