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Fire Suppression: When Equipment Goes Wrong


Fire Suppression: When Equipment Goes Wrong

For those businesses that install, repair, or maintain fire suppression systems and equipment, as well as for those who are considering or find it necessary to install such systems, something important to note is that accidents can happen.

Recent incidents worldwide involving fire suppression systems malfunctioning or outright leading to property damage and injury have been circling the news. These incidents, which are often explainable, are rare when installation of fire suppression equipment is being handled by experienced professionals.

Businesses within the industry, however, can take the right precautions now to avoid the catastrophic issues that accidents such as these cause. Both financially and in terms of company trust, an accident or malfunction of equipment can cause deep problems for one’s business.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a fire suppression installation, maintenance, or repair business is having the right insurance plan in place for your business. The expert team at Central Insurance Agency can be your business’s first step towards policy security, with a tailor-made coverage plan meant to benefit your business.

Conveniently located on CIA’s website are applications for various insurance policies across their variety of industry specialties, including fire suppression insurance. With fire suppression insurance, covering most of what is necessary for installation, repair, and maintenance, your business can be secure in the event of an incident.

Central Insurance Agency can help your business with any of the following:

  • Workers’ Compensation  

  • General Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Employment Practice Liability

  • Property Coverage

As general insurance brokers, CIA can find the best policies for you, and are not limited to the coverages mentioned above. For those considering their next insurance steps, particularly for businesses in liability-heavy industries such as fire suppression, get a free quote from Central Insurance Agency today to learn more!

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