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Home Fire Safety Tools


Home Fire Safety Tools

Being prepared in a fire safety scenario is your first line of defense when it comes to the harrowing impact of a fire-based incident. What is preparedness, however? It is a mix of multiple factors. Preparedness can come from a mix of fire education, proper in-home drills with family members, and certainly the tools at your disposal.

The right home fire safety equipment is necessary, and suggested for most residences. While home fire sprinklers are being touted as necessary in modern times, smaller pieces of equipment are also a necessity. Once you have your safety devices and fire protection equipment, use our whole home safety checklist to practice fire and carbon monoxide safety with your family.

Here are a few often necessary fire safety tools:

  • Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Carbon monoxide detectors detect the dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide caused oftentimes by everyday devices that burn fuel such as fireplaces and grills. Being alerted to high levels of carbon monoxide can save lives.

  • Smoke Detectors – Smoke detectors are common in commercial buildings, and are often necessary to install within homes. They can be the difference between being caught in a fire and being able to safely.

  • Fire Extinguishers – Fire extinguishers are vital in most homes. The ability to extinguish small growing fires is invaluable, and can prevent the loss of assets. It is important to be properly trained in their usage.

  • Fire Escape Ladders – Fire escape ladders are great evacuation tools that can be used for quick escapes in the event of overwhelming flames. Particularly for those in second or third floor living areas, a fire escape ladder is a major escape tool.

Fire safety tools belong in any home. Their usage can help not only save lives, but prevent fires from spreading. In an age of ever-closing spaces, with more and more people living in close quarters, the benefits of proper fire-safety training as well as equipment are a great help.

For those businesses that require fire suppression tools and equipment, the right insurance is key.

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