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Home Health Aide Qualifications


Home Health Aide Qualifications

Those seeking a career as a home health aide, or seeking a career in the medical field at all, often need a base level of education and training. Those vying to become home health aides are in an ideal situation when it comes to the expenses of education, as you are able to have a career and experience within the medical field without as extensive and intensive an education as compared to nurses and doctors.

Home health aides often deal with aging seniors. Many aging folks prefer their own homes to nursing homes, and thus the field is able to supply them with quality of life enhancements from the safety and comfort of their own dwellings. As a home health aide you may also be asked to deal with those with chronic illnesses or mental disabilities. 

Certified home health aides have a variety of roles within the home, and this also has to do with their level or training or expertise. Often, help with bathing, dressing, and basic hygiene will be necessary for patients within the home healthcare system. Depending on individual jurisdictions, a health aide may be able to organize and help administer medications, as well as taking the vital signs of their patients. 

Generally, for more intensive medical tasks, a home health aide would also have to be a registered nurse. Home health aides don’t often need education beyond a highschool diploma. Though training programs are more often than not a mandatory aspect of the job. 

Home health aides are even able to obtain additional certifications depending on their jurisdiction in order to appeal more to home health care businesses. This can also directly affect pay, making these additional certifications highly sought after.

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