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Home Healthcare Dos and Don’ts


Home Healthcare Dos and Don’ts

The subject of home healthcare is a common topic in households throughout the country. Those considering health aides and other health safety measures within the home, be it necessary or for the sake of prevention, should consider all options when finding what works best for them.

This is also true for home healthcare companies themselves. Considering the right insurance options is a necessity in this day and age, particularly within the healthcare industry. The experts at Central Insurance Agency can provide the best possible experience when it comes to your insurance needs.

Below you will find some Dos and Don’ts for Home Healthcare. Remember, it is important to consider all of your options, but there are a few key points to look out for, especially with regard to home health aides.


  • Vet Your Home Health Aides: Reputable health aide companies exist that heavily vet their home health aides. While this assurance is necessary, it is also necessary to communicate with your potential aide in order to make sure expectations are laid out properly.

  • Know the Difference Between PCAs and HHAs: Personal care aides (PCAs) are unlicensed individuals that are not necessarily experienced or intently trained. They can be helpers and aid in more simple care tasks; requirements also vary by state. Home health aides (HHAs) on the other hand have federally regulated standards towards training.

  • Emphasize Clear Communication: Home health aides, no matter how well trained, will be in a new environment when first taking part in the day to day activities of your home. It is important to emphasize an environment of clear communication, both to avoid mistakes and for the sake of easing the mind of one’s aide.


  • Worry About Needing a Change: It is important that your home health aide is the right fit for your home. Clear communication with either an agency or other organization in which your aide has been found is necessary for both party’s betterment. 

  • Ignore Potential Health Issues: Whether they are a registered nurse or have received health-monitoring training, it is important that health aides are alerted to any changes in a patient’s body. Being vocal about potential issues will allow one’s health aide to do their job properly. 

While aspects of home health care can be daunting, a home health care provider should be well-equipped to face potential risks and liabilities. Working with Central Insurance Agency will allow your business to look towards the future, while keeping major aspects of the industry insured.

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