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How Facial Recognition Is Impacting the Security Industry

How Facial Recognition Is Impacting the Security Industry

Technology has advanced greatly within the security industry this past decade. This technological boom will only continue, with more large-scale security firms leaning into the use of advanced, powerful technologies. One such technology is that of facial recognition, which has been making waves in both its effectiveness, as well as public outcry and discussion as to how and when it should be used.

Not only has technology been improving, but the private security business itself has been advancing at a quick rate, growing across the board. This has led to new regulations for employees, as well as the establishment of important industry principles that have been a guiding force within the industry for years now. By employing the use of new, effective technologies, these businesses have been prospering, and security has been changed forever.

In a world of ever-changing threats, especially those malicious groups that are advancing in terms of how to hide from the security industry, facial recognition is regularly becoming a more important aspect of the security field. It enhances the solution-power of various security firms, both federal and private, and allows for easy tracking of security breaches.

While this emergent technology is powerful and effective, it is the issue of transparency that has caused the public alarm. Through use of the right procedures, maintaining an above-board security posture as well as clear intentions in the employment of technologies, any given security firm can assure the public and their client base that they are using facial recognition for the right reasons.

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