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How Security Guards are Meeting a Changing Industry

How Security Guards are Meeting a Changing Industry

The security industry, particularly those firms and businesses that dispatch security guards, have changed greatly in the past decade. Not only has the global pandemic spurred change across numerous security-based industries, but the growth of technology in the pursuit of security has also advanced. This leaves security guards in something of a conundrum. Their roles, now, are becoming more specialized or even more general in some cases.

As roles change for security guards, those businesses that dispatch a security force to clients will find that the policies that work best for them from an insurance perspective also must change to meet new challenges. As a general broker, Central Insurance Agency is able to benefit your business through use of coverage plans tailor-made for security businesses. The goal of CIA is flexible, affordable coverage meant to keep your business strong when facing liability.

What has allowed security guards to meet changing demands is training. Training of many kinds, most of which now are more advanced than in times past, are allowing security guards higher marketability for clients. Those with technological knowledge are also being emphasized for the monitoring and use of security equipment.

As more well-trained security guards continue to flood the industry, insurance risks change. This is particularly true of those security guards with training and qualification in the use of firearms or other defensive security tools. As higher-risk jobs become available for your business’s security force, these new risks also change the day-to-day of business, as well as your insurance risk posture.

CIA can help your business find robust policy coverage that evolves as your industry does. Contact Central Insurance Agency today for a free quote, and find how your insurance needs can be met!

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