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Home » Is there a Difference Between a Fire Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Systems?

Is there a Difference Between a Fire Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Systems?

Is there a Difference Between a Fire Sprinkler and Fire Suppression Systems?

While fire sprinkler systems have become synonymous with fire suppression in general, this does not mean that modern fire suppression systems are equivalent to fire sprinklers. As for what a business may need within their property, local ordinances have a role to play in deciding what is best for you. The aftereffects of these individual systems, however, should certainly be considered.

A fire sprinkler system is essentially a series of sprinklers (typically installed overhead) that release in the event of a fire. Depending on the technology being used, the sprinklers may activate with either heat or smoke. Fire sprinkler systems can be very effective in the face of potentially damaging flames and are typically less expensive than other fire suppression systems.

The key to their effectiveness, as well as their lower price point, is the fact that these systems use water rather than the chemical agents found in other fire suppression systems. As to the downsides of such a system, well, that is due to water itself. Water is known to be damaging to certain types of material. While these risks often outweigh the danger fires pose, other systems may be more effective when it comes to shielding property.

Meanwhile, a fire suppression system is similarly activated (with either heat or smoke), and can be very effective at both keeping property safe as well as fending off dangerous flames. A fire suppression system, like a fire sprinkler system, is used to extinguish or control fires, and is activated by heat or smoke.

What differentiates these systems from fire sprinkler systems are the agents being used to fight the fires. Gasses, chemicals, and foam agents are all possible with modern fire suppression systems. This is often a benefit for business owners, especially those in commercial facilities that employ the use of sensitive electronics and combustible substances. The reason for this being that water will be less effective in dealing with those flames. 

Because water can damage some types of property, such as electronics, areas like server rooms or semiconductor manufacturing facilities would benefit from a fire suppression system rather than a sprinkler system. For facilities that deal with highly combustible substances or oil and gas, a fire suppression system is also necessary, since water is not effective as a fire suppression agent when oil and certain other substances are combusted.

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