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Necessary Insurance Policies Within the Alarm Industry


Necessary Insurance Policies Within the Alarm Industry

The alarm industry has to do with the maintenance, repair, and installation of alarm and surveillance systems. These can be systems installed in private residences, or commercial buildings and businesses. What often comes with the territory are a variety of liabilities, and because of this it is important to understand the necessary policies that are often required of such businesses.

According to Central Insurance Agency, there are three major policies to consider, though these may not be the only ones necessary for your business:

  • Commercial Liability Insurance: Commercial liability insurance is a broad insurance policy that covers general business risks. This type of policy is typical for business-owners and is often an important step towards one’s business being covered.

  • Professional Liability Insurance: Professional liability insurance protects your business’s professional services and advice, particularly from negligence claims made by a client.

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability: Excess liability insurance is another important policy to have for your alarm industry business. It covers claims that go beyond your underlying policy, and gives an even broader range of coverage than other policies.

Combined, these major policies are an important and oftentimes necessary aspect of business ownership within the alarm industry. For those within this industry, it is important to go over your options, and learn what is the best way to deal with potential liabilities.

Being covered across a broad range is a great start, but the right policies for you are out there, and the experts at Central Insurance Agency can help.

Contact Central Insurance Agency today for a free quote, and learn how your insurance needs can be met!

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