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Preventing Home Fires with Fire Suppression and Prevention Tools


Homes and businesses throughout the United States are at an increased risk of fires, including as side effects from wildfires as well as increasing populations. It is important for one’s firm or family to make sure they are covered. The experts at Central Insurance Agency can provide both qualified information, as well as custom insurance solutions molded for you.

In recent times, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has reported an 8% increase in home fires since 2000. But it is not only the amount of fires that have increased, but the money it costs to rebuild. Businesses, homes, and individuals are at greater risk than ever, and the financial toll of fires may increase from here.

According to the American Red Cross, a family may have as little as two minutes to escape a home fire. While it is emphasized for families to have a planned escape route, including home fire safety training, it is just as important to have preventive measures in place.

Listed here are several important fire suppression and fire prevention tools meant to give your home or business the best possible protection:

  • Smoke Alarms: The importance of smoke alarms cannot be understated. They are one of your first lines of defense against fires, and should be regularly maintained. While it is easy to ignore smoke alarm maintenance, the U.S. Government generally recommends checking on alarms at least once a month.

  • Escape Ladders: A lesser-utilized tool that should be equipped in every home, the escape ladder allows for a safe evacuation in the event of a rough blaze. These collapsible ladders should be stored safely in bedrooms or other high-level areas where they can be easily deployed.

  • Fire Extinguishers: Fire extinguishers are typically the first thought in someone’s head when it comes to fire suppression tools. Small fires caught in an early stage can be safely dealt with through their use. However, education on proper use of fire extinguishers are necessary, and they should only be used on small fires.

  • Fire Sprinkler System: While not common in most homes, there is a growing movement to have these sprinkler systems installed as a requirement in many new homes. Home sprinkler systems, when installed by NFPA approved installers, are a great tool to prevent further damage to property, as well as lowering the chances of fire spreading to other homes or businesses.

While no preventive measure is full-proof, proper equipment and training is strongly emphasized in order to better combat fire damage.

The economic toll of a fire can be great, and for this reason it is important that fire suppression insurance is also considered for homes and businesses. With a wide range of liability coverage as well as general protections, both your equipment and financial status can be kept in its best shape possible.

Request a quote from Central Insurance Agency today to answer all of your questions about fire suppression insurance, its cost, and importance.

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