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Security Guards are Sought After to help with COVID Vaccine Administration


As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out, many Americans are anticipating their turn. Demand for the vaccine is only increasing, and with that, so is the demand for personnel to safely administer the vaccine. 

On account of its demand, popularity, and some opposition, vaccine administration sites come with a set of risks and challenges. Because of this, security guards are becoming key players in the continued distribution of the vaccine. 

At this time, security guards are sought after at vaccination sites across the country to ensure the safety of doctors, nurses, and vaccine recipients. Allied Security, a southern California security firm, is looking to hire around 750 security guards to cover five vaccination sites. This comes as a result of anti-vaccination protesters recently shutting down the Dodger Stadium vaccination site, in which dozens of protesters blocked the site’s entrance. 

Security guards have been important frontline workers for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic, and now, their role is becoming even greater. This only means that they need greater protection as they face a variety of threats to their personal health and safety. 

If you plan on hiring security for any reason, including vaccine administration, insuring your guards can benefit both you and those that you hire. Central Insurance Agency understands the risks your business faces as well as the specific needs of your organization, and can help match you with a plan that best suits you and your employees. Contact us today to discover how Central Insurance Agency can assist you.

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