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The Effectiveness of Waterless Fire Suppression Systems


The Effectiveness of Waterless Fire Suppression Systems

There are many fire suppression systems available for both commercial buildings and for homes. However, it can be challenging to find the right fire suppression system for your needs. Levels of effectiveness vary, and above all, business and home owners simply want to be safe in case of emergency, as well as help to mitigate damage to assets.

The most commonly considered fire suppression system is the traditional fire sprinkler system. They are still used quite often in residential and commercial spaces and are certainly effective, however, new waterless systems have begun to take precedence for new buildings. A waterless fire suppression system is an option that allows for efficient mitigation of risk, as well as less cleanup than fire sprinkler systems.

The main risk when it comes to water-based fire suppression systems is the fact that water can be damaging. Soaked electronics and paper-products will mean for a heavy loss that different fire suppression systems can mitigate. So what are these other fire suppression systems? 

  • Water Mist Systems

  • CO2

  • Inert Gases

Depending on where you’re from a water-based fire suppression system may also be wasteful and expensive. In areas experiencing droughts, where water expenses may be high, in the event of an emergency you could see a huge increase in your water bill. This is particularly true of areas in California or other nearby municipalities.

Fire suppression is an important aspect of homes and businesses. Without a proper fire suppression plan in place, you, your business, or your family may be at risk.

For those businesses without fire suppression insurance, this, too, can be a problem. Whether you deal in the installation of such systems, or require one for your business, it is important to be covered.

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