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The Evolution of Private Security Guards


The Evolution of Private Security Guards

The private security industry has been undergoing a change globally. As police response times in certain areas begin to falter, some business owners, and even security businesses themselves, have changed their standards, catering more towards a specialized security team that has a higher level of average training than previous generations of security professionals.

In particular, the training of security guards for numerous roles has begun, with some businesses employing security professionals as both security guards and other in-business roles. This allows for more awareness of potential on-site threats and has seen growing popularity, particularly within the cannabis trade as more dispensaries expand and deal with equally-growing threats.

In response to changes within the security industry, including technological advancements that have allowed for more comprehensive work and the necessity for heightened training protocols, the industry has also seen a shift towards in-depth preparedness. By having security guards in numerous positions, with training befit a wide variety of different roles, effective security work can be done.

Through the training of security guards in different roles, such as budtenders within the cannabis industry, barbacks in bars, and other varying jobs, they not only become more marketable but gain valuable experience that can allow a security business to branch off into many different markets.

With this has also come an emphasis on undercover security, which projects a more careful approach to the industry and can even reduce on-site incidences. Combined with de-escalation techniques, the future of security guards seems to be a role even less like police, but more in line with valuable employees with skills in numerous industries.

If your business deals with security guards, their employment, or their training, it is best to be insured from the sea of liabilities that await within the industry.

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