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The Evolving Roles of Security Guards

The Evolving Roles of Security Guards

Security guards have always found themselves performing a variety of roles on the job. Of course, this is dependent on their job site or whether or not they are contracted from a security service business.

Throughout the global pandemic, security guards have noted a particular shift in roles, something that the security industry has braced for in a variety of ways. A side-effect of these shifting roles is that how security industry businesses are being insured, and what policies work best for them, are changing as well.

No matter your insurance needs, the experienced team at Central Insurance Agency is here to help. As a general broker, Central Insurance Agency is able to benefit your business through use of coverage plans tailor-made specifically for your business. And within the ever-shifting security industry, it is more important than ever for flexible coverage options.

Another notable shift in the security industry, specifically in the roles of security personnel, is that of training. More and more security firms are enhancing training and experience protocols, creating a more marketable and strictly trained workforce able to take on a wider variety of jobs. But with use of well-trained and even armed security personnel, your insurance risk changes. Higher-risk jobs become available, and while these clients may benefit your business, there is the problem of how added risk may affect your insurance plan.

In these times, the proper training and screening of security guards has become key, and keeps your risk posture low despite higher risk for liabilities within certain job sites.

CIA can help your business find robust policy coverage that evolves with changes within your industry. Contact Central Insurance Agency today for a free quote, and find how your insurance needs can be met!

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