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The Potential Liabilities of the Alarm Industry

The Potential Liabilities of the Alarm Industry

The alarm industry across the board is an industry that deals in emergencies. Alarms are the first line of defense when it comes to crimes such as burglary, as well as in the event of damaging fires. As an industry that deals with such risks, it would stand to reason that the businesses themselves that install, repair, and monitor alarm systems are at heavy risk themselves.

These liabilities are numerous, and typically deal with elements related to failing alarm systems. A failed alarm, whether it is a failure in its monitoring, or an alarm not going off when it should, can be a serious problem for the businesses that installed said alarm. Because of this, an alarm business needs to be properly insured, and the experts at Central Insurance Agency can make it happen.

Central Insurance Agency specializes in a variety of different industries, and is able to provide your business with the best plan possible, tailor-made for you. It is the position of CIA that alarm companies face significant risks. Just some of them can be found below:

  • An alarm fails to go off during an emergency

  • Alarms fail to respond in time

  • Monitoring systems fail

These are just a few of the potential liabilities an alarm company can face. The installation, maintenance, and monitoring of alarm systems is a part of a massive industry dealing with alarms and security systems. These systems work together to prevent theft and other crimes from affecting people and their businesses. As an emergency service, businesses within the industry are at particular risk to the variety of liabilities that come with alarm failure.

Central Insurance Agency is a general insurance broker. As such, CIA is able to tailor-make your business’s policies with a range of coverages that will best benefit you. When you are covered with the right, affordable plan, your business is secure.

To see your insurance needs met, contact Central Insurance Agency today for a free quote!

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