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The Threats to Security Systems


The Threats to Security Systems

Businesses within the alarm and security industry would do well to understand the potential threats to alarm and other security systems within homes and businesses. It is important that these risks are understood, and especially that they are insured.

The respected team at Central Insurance Agency is here to help with all of your businesses’ alarm industry insurance needs. Covering vulnerabilities from commercial liability insurance to excess liability, CIA has your needs covered.

The threats to security systems are an aspect of the industry that often require further discussion and education. Keep reading to learn more about these potential security risks.

Some Threats:

  • Vandalism: Vandalism is a safety and security risk that most modern security systems, including alarms, can encounter. This is especially a concern for storefront businesses with easily-identifiable security measures. However, security cameras as well as proper lighting can keep vandals in check.

  • Accidents: Risks to consider when installing security systems is the potential of accidents. While it seems like something that cannot be protected against, both through the right insurance as well as taking every possible installation precaution, accidents such as fires and unintended damage can be avoided.

  • False Alarms: Sensor technology has come a long way, however, security systems can trigger randomly, be it through an internal malfunction or a trigger from a non-threatening source. It is important for wired security systems to have all parameters checked to avoid false alarms.

Other threats to alarm systems typically have to do with their ease of use, as well as if the right alarm system is being used in the right situation. These are just some liabilities that an alarm system company is at risk of being involved in.

As such, using Central Insurance Agency for your alarm industry insurance needs can help your business brace for the future. Contact Central Insurance Agency now for a free quote!

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