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Things You May Not Know About Security Guards

Security agencies provide security guards and patrols for businesses and other organizations. Looking to obtain security for your business? There are various misconceptions about security guards, so keep reading to learn what to expect from security guards from our knowledge at the Central Insurance Agency. 

Security Guards Don’t Always Carry Weapons

Although when you think of a security guard, you usually associate them with holding weapons, that is not always the case. Armed security guards do hold weapons, but there is also an option to hire security guards that do not carry anything. This is a possibility for business owners who want an environment without any weapons. 

They Utilize Technology

As time and technology change, the security industry needs to keep up. Instead of just using their five senses, security guards now have technology use at their fingertips. High-tech security systems and screens make for easier and more efficient protection of your business. 

Security Guards are Usually the First Responder

When there is an emergency in a company’s location, the security guard is usually the first responder because they are in proximity. On duty, a security guard is expected to know what to do and how to respond in an emergency. 

The Central Insurance Agency

As the need for security guards increases, so do the risks for security agencies. Security agencies need to obtain the necessary coverage if something does happen with their security guards. The Central Insurance Agency, an insurance agency in Smithtown, New York, provides unique coverage geared towards your industry needs. Learn more about the Central Insurance Agency by visiting our website. Request your free quote today.

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