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What Businesses in the Alarm Industry Should Look Out For

What Businesses in the Alarm Industry Should Look Out For

The alarm industry can be fraught with liabilities. As alarm installers, the maintenance, repair, and occasionally the monitoring of alarm systems fall within a given business’s jurisdiction. Because of this, it is important to understand for those new to the industry or for long-time alarm installation businesses just how important it is to be covered from liabilities.

Major businesses often require comprehensive installations which can be both a time-consuming and expensive process. This process is not aided by the fact that numerous systems sometimes have to be installed at once, and with interconnected processes. It is Central Insurance Agency’s position that alarm companies face serious risks. Alarms that fail to go off during emergencies, as well as alarm monitoring businesses that fail to respond to an emergency in time can face a wide variety of problems.

However, with Central Insurance Agency’s years of experience, combined with tailor-made policies meant to benefit your alarm business, your business can be secured within the alarm industry. Typically, alarm installation companies will face the following liabilities, and as such should consider these policies:

  • Commercial Liability Insurance

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

As a general insurance broker, CIA can help with all of your insurance needs and can work with your business to find policies meant to best benefit you. As a business within the alarm industry, keeping the risks of such a volatile industry in mind can benefit your business greatly, and keep you afloat during uncertain times.

With the right insurance policies, your business will be protected, stronger than ever, and with the ability to ride out the various issues that can plague an alarm installation, monitoring, or repair business. To learn more, and to find policies that best suit you, contact Central Insurance Agency for a free quote today!

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