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What Does Fire Suppression Insurance Cover?


What Does Fire Suppression Insurance Cover?

In its simplest form, fire suppression insurance is utilized after considering risks to one’s business, workers, and employees. The range of health hazards found beneath the umbrella of fire suppression is vast: quality control, repair-work, and installation are all aspects of fire suppression where risk is heightened.

Hazardous liabilities such as these are important to be covered from, and when one’s business is meant to successfully install sprinkler or chemical systems, as well as other fire suppression equipment, the risks are very present.

Businesses within the fire suppression industry should take care to understand what exactly is being covered by fire suppression insurance.

In effect, fire suppression insurance tackles the main risk factors associated with fire suppression. This includes covering your business in case of property or equipment damage from accidents.

Fire suppression insurance can most importantly cover all aspects of installation, from design through to maintenance. With these risks insured, your business will be able to rest easy. General and professional liability are also typically covered, giving employees as well as employers ease of mind.

Fire suppression insurance policies can, and often do include property insurance, extending to buildings and work equipment. For a more complete list of what fire suppression insurance may cover, read below:

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

  • Commercial Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Property

  • Workers’ Compensation

With specialties in general liability as well as umbrella/excess liability insurance, the professionals at Central Insurance Agency will have you or your business backed through a variety of industries. Conveniently located on the CIA website are fire suppression insurance applications.

Ask for a free quote today to learn how Central Insurance Agency can best serve your insurance needs!

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