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What is a Self-Monitored Home Security System?


What is a Self-Monitored Home Security System?

When it comes to a homeowners’ security system options, there are those that emphasize ease-of-use, those that emphasize customer support, and even those that emphasize self-monitoring, putting the power of security in your hands with the added benefit of more control.

Depending on your system, a homeowner can monitor their own security systems. A self-monitored system will typically be one that utilizes smartphone applications in order to have a homeowner notified of potential breaches. This allows for a wide range of customization options, and has been very popular in recent years as technology becomes better equipped to take monitoring on the go.

It should be noted, however, that professional monitoring is often safest. While a self-monitored system allows for ease-of-use and puts the ability of monitoring into your hands; professionals are often your best bet when it comes to potential malicious parties threatening your home.

In short, a self-monitoring security system, if fully implemented in that way, puts all of the responsibility on that of the homeowner. As for why this may be less safe than professional monitoring centers; these places are often equipped to reach the proper authorities right away, unlike an individual which may not respond as quickly as a monitoring center.

A professionally monitored alarm system often has a quicker processing and response time when it comes to alarms being triggered. In mere moments, a specialist will be able to analyze the situation and contact you regarding the professional breach. In a real emergency, these specialists are able to quickly make contact with authorities.

While a self-monitored system may seem like a less effective security system, the truth is that it can be very convenient for home owners who want a little more control over the monitoring process of their alarm systems. For this reason, both partnership with a monitoring service, as well as access to your alarm and camera security system may be your best bet to peace of mind.

For those businesses that install, monitor, or repair security systems, as well as those that employ security, it is important to have the right insurance policies for you.

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