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When Does a Sprinkler System for Fire Suppression Become Necessary?


When Does a Sprinkler System for Fire Suppression Become Necessary?

Generally, a newly built commercial building with a fire area that breaches over 5,000 feet will need a sprinkler system installed for the sake of fire protection. This is also true for commercial buildings undergoing remodeling that also exceed a 5,000 foot perimeter. New tenants and occupants can also cause a fire sprinkler system to be necessary.

But for those who do not require a sprinkler system as mandated by state, local, or federal guidelines, when does it become necessary, or overall worth it to install a sprinkler system?

For private residences, it is not always necessary for a sprinkler fire suppression system to be installed, but for peace of mind in densely populated areas, it may be worth it for installation. Installation companies serving private residences would do well to make sure they have their insurance needs covered with regards to potential liabilities, however.

This is where Central Insurance Agency can serve you best. Installation, repair, and maintenance of fire suppression systems can open a business up to numerous liabilities, and with years of experience, CIA can help your business with policies tailor-made for you.

Those considering sprinkler systems for their homes should take note of the cost, as well as the benefits. On average, fire damage reduction is severely reduced by a fire suppression system, and while water damage will ensue, it is typically far less overall damage than what a raging fire can produce.

For those worried about safety, either in their business or their home, a fire sprinkler system drastically increases the chances of survival, and can even reduce the cost of homeowner and certain commercial business insurances overall.

A fire sprinkler system is oftentimes well worth the cost. It can put your mind at ease, and also keep you safe in the event of a destructive fire.

For businesses that deal with the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems, you would do well to be covered. Contact CIA to request your free quote today!

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