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When Fire Suppression Systems Fail


When Fire Suppression Systems Fail

Fire suppression systems are not infallible. Issues can arise throughout an entire fire suppression system, from an unresponsive alarm to faulty deployment of fire suppression measures (such as failing sprinkler systems).

It is important to understand that fire suppression systems can fail, and for those businesses that set-up, maintain, or monitor these important safety systems, it is imperative that they have the right coverage, both for the sake of customer safety as well as for the business itself.

The insurance experts at Central Insurance Agency can help your business to prosper with the right insurance plan for you. Fire suppression insurance deals with the coverage of many aspects of fire suppression, including installation and other potential liabilities.

When a fire suppression system fails in a home or commercial building, residents or tenants should have a backup plan. Fire safety training is typically recommended for those who would like to take extra precaution, and become more knowledgeable about surviving home fires.

Typically, a failed fire suppression system can occur in a variety of ways, at multiple different levels:

  • Failed Alarms: A failed alarm can occur for many different reasons. If an alarm fails to notify you or the proper authorities of a fire, escape plans and fire-safety drills can be the difference between life and death.

  • Faulty Sprinkler System: A sprinkler system, as with any fire suppression system, is subject to issues. If a sprinkler system is not effective at holding back, or completely eliminating a fire, it is important to exit a building as quickly as possible. Never rely completely on a fire suppression system for your safety.

These are just a few ways in which a fire suppression system can fail. On a more micro-level, even a fire extinguisher can fail at a moment’s notice. Be sure to have a backup in place for any fire extinguisher.

Fire suppression insurance is an important step for an alarm or fire suppression system installation business. It is important that you are covered in the event of the many potential liabilities of the industry. 

Contact Central Insurance Agency today for a free quote, and to learn how your insurance needs can be met!

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