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Your Alarm Business Insurance Risks

Your Alarm Business Insurance Risks

Alarm systems have many benefits for the general public. However, as the alarm industry is one that deals with numerous risks, including close ties with emergency services, businesses that install these systems can see numerous liabilities as an aspect of daily business. Alarm system installation, maintenance, and monitoring businesses should understand how important it is to be covered from liabilities in an industry that often faces significant risk.

Alarms that fail to go off during emergencies, as well as alarm monitoring businesses that fail to respond to an emergency in time can face significant liabilities. Having the right insurance plan is key for all businesses, but having a tailor-made insurance plan that takes into account your specific business needs will bring your insurance risk posture to a whole new level.

Accidents can occur spontaneously and with no root cause, but a policy plan that factors this into your insurance can keep your business secure. CIA utilizes tailor-made insurance policies that can benefit any business within the alarm industry. Typically, alarm installation companies will face the following liabilities, and as such should consider these policies:

  • Commercial Liability Insurance

  • Professional Liability Insurance

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

As a general insurance broker, CIA can help with all of your insurance needs and can work with your business to find policies that specifically suit your business. With the right insurance policies, your business will be protected, stronger than ever, and with the ability to ride out the various issues that can plague an alarm installation, monitoring, or repair business. 

To learn more, and to find policies that best suit you, contact Central Insurance Agency for a free quote today!

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