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An Overview of Fire Suppression Insurance

An Overview of Fire Suppression Insurance

Fire suppression insurance, in short, measures risk to one’s business related to fire suppression equipment and systems, it can also contain important policies for those who install such systems. Among its vast range of liabilities is everything from repair-work to the installation of fire suppression systems.

It is important to remember that fire suppression equipment of all kinds are not infallible, and fire suppression insurance helps reduce the financial risk of a failing fire suppression system. Potential damages, as well as the risk of injury are all possibilities within the umbrella of fire suppression insurance coverage. No matter what kind of fire suppression system a business installs, from waterless fire suppression to other common forms of suppression systems, these should be properly covered with a robust, tailor-made insurance plan.

This is where Central Insurance Agency can help. As general insurance brokers, Central Insurance Agency is able to prepare your business for the risks of the fire suppression industry as well as prepare those businesses with fire suppression systems for potential vulnerabilities. With custom plans allowing for a wide range of coverage meant specifically for your business, you can’t go wrong trusting CIA for your insurance needs.

Fire suppression insurance policies usually include:

  • Umbrella/Excess Liability

  • Commercial Liability

  • Professional Liability

  • Property

  • Workers’ Compensation

With specialties in general liability as well as umbrella/excess liability insurance, the professionals at Central Insurance Agency will have you or your business backed no matter your industry. Conveniently located on the CIA website are fire suppression insurance applications.

Ask for a free quote today to learn how Central Insurance Agency can best serve your insurance needs!

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