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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Are You Overpaying for Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

As you know, employers are legally obligated to carry workers’ compensation insurance. But companies often pay more for this type of insurance if they are in certain industries, including security guard services, security systems, fire suppression, home healthcare, and facilities maintenance.

In these industries, premiums may be higher because employees in the field are at greater risk for work-related illnesses, trip and fall injuries, and other kinds of bodily harm. Increased insurance premiums reduce profits, so it’s important to make sure your company is not overpaying. Contact CIA to discover your options if you’re looking for the best workers’ compensation insurance for a small, medium, or large firm.

Protect Profits with the Right Insurance Coverage

Workers’ compensation insurance claimants are typically entitled to benefits, including associated medical expenses, disability payments, physical therapy, and even death benefits. However, in exchange for this coverage, employees give up their right to sue their employer for negligence or other damages related to their injury or illness.

The cost of workers’ compensation insurance premiums is based on the type of work the employees are doing, the level of risk involved, and the number of employees covered by the policy. Mistakes in employee job classifications can result in higher, undeserved premium costs. We ensure that our clients’ employees are classified correctly so companies carry the right level of insurance without overpaying.

No-Cost CIA Policy Review: Now You’re Covered

The fact is that improperly categorizing employees on workers’ compensation insurance forms is a common issue. The CIA policy review is a surefire way to identify potential problems, discover processes to eliminate errors, and even reanalyze your employment categories so you can right-size your policy. Central Insurance Agency will recommend the best worker’s compensation insurance for your small, medium, or large company to ensure you have the coverage you need.

CIA saved my company several thousands of dollars on our Liability Policy and Workers’ Compensation Policy. CIA’s recommendation offered more coverage for a significantly less. The savings was incredible. They handled everything. No other agent or agency is comparable to the services that I have received from Stephen and Central Insurance. Thank you for always answering our questions and handling our situations quickly.

– Albert G. Resh, Sr., Al’s Security Patrol, Richmond, VA