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Policy Review & Assessment

CIA’s line-by-line review can right-size your coverage and optimally mitigate risk.

Insurance Policy Review & Assessment Services

In a world of cookie-cutter coverage, some companies may unknowingly be exposed to risk. CIA has built its business on the belief that a thorough policy review is key to mitigating future risk – and a costly claim. And by having a review conducted well in advance of renewal time, CIA can dig deep, explore options, identify gaps, and even discover savings. More importantly, you’ll have the time your company needs to analyze the results and consider various options. 

The CIA Line-By-Line Insurance Policy Review

As we review your coverage, the CIA team examines and analyzes each provision of your commercial insurance policy to assess its clarity, adequacy, and potential risk, as well as its relevance to your needs today. The policy is further scrutinized to identify the specific terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations that govern the coverage.

What’s more, we search for ambiguities or possible gaps and recommend remedies for addressing those issues. We’ll also inventory your industry-specific requirements and factor in applicable laws and regulations.

Finally, we assess the coverage in terms of your operations, including your business practices, employment structure, and any other potential liabilities. Our goal is to ensure that your commercial insurance policy properly protects against potential risks at the right level and for the right personnel.

Our Policy Review Checklist

During the policy review process, we ask ourselves the following:

Is your coverage adequate? A company’s needs and risks change over time. A CIA line-by-line policy review can ensure that your insurance coverage meets your company’s needs. We pinpoint potential gaps and uncover inadequacies.

Are you overpaying? We evaluate whether your organization overpays for coverage it doesn’t need or can’t use. We often find that companies are paying for oversized policies that cover the wrong category of personnel, for example, or protect against events that will not occur in their firm or industry.

Are the right people insured at the right level? Companies often pay the same rates to cover every part of their workforce, but in some industries, certain employees are considered high risk, while others are deemed a low risk. We evaluate your workforce, assign the proper risk factors, and then compare that evaluation to your policy.

Does your coverage appropriately mitigate risk? The CIA policy review helps your company understand its coverage’s terms, conditions, exclusions, and limitations. By inventorying gaps, we can proactively manage and mitigate risks that may fall outside the scope of your current coverage.

Are you in compliance? We check your policy to ensure it adheres to applicable laws and regulations to minimize the chance of non-compliance penalties or potential legal disputes.

Do You Have the Right Coverage? Find Out Now!

Once the CIA line-by-line policy review is complete, we present you with an assessment of our findings, along with our recommendations. You can be assured that our advice is squarely aimed at protecting your company, your employees, and your growth. So stop wondering whether you have the proper insurance and what that could mean if you’re faced with a claim. Request a CIA line-by-line policy review today.

From the moment I engaged Central Insurance, I was impressed by their professionalism and depth of knowledge in the insurance industry. They took the time to understand the specific requirements of my business and conducted a thorough analysis to identify potential risks and areas that needed coverage.

– Mark Gatien, President, Community Care Home Health Services, Smithtown, NY