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Bonding Insurance

Bonding Insurance That Works for Your Industry

Bonding insurance, or surety bonds, can vary widely depending on the type of business and industry. If you’re in the security guard, security systems, fire suppression, home healthcare, or facility maintenance industries, Central Insurance Agency is the expert you need to develop a customized solution to meet your specific needs.

Central Insurance Agency will ensure your bonding insurance adequately covers the completion of work as specified in contracts. We’ll also make sure your bonding protects against damages or costs associated with delays, incomplete work, or other contractual breaches.

In addition to breach of contract, surety insurance protects a company financially when clients make allegations about sensitive information or the loss of valuable property.

Choose the Right Level of Insurance Coverage

Because operations, risk, employee expectations, and contracts differ in each business, CIA leverages its industry expertise and decades of experience to ensure each client has the right-sized policy. CIA takes a tailored approach to bonding, and our brokers apply their extensive experience to your unique challenges.

CIA will help you determine which types of insurance are appropriate and which employees should be covered so you don’t pay for an overabundance of insurance you don’t need or can’t use.

The CIA No-Cost Policy Review: Now You’re Covered

If you’re wondering if you have the right bonding insurance for your company, request a no-cost, line-by-line policy review. If you’re trying to get more coverage but have been turned down in the past, the CIA team of brokers will find the right-sized insurance for you.

CIA has an amazing team who goes above and beyond to help their customers with any and all insurance questions. We have been steadily growing since we started our business and so have our insurance needs. Jessica and Alice are so helpful, knowledgeable and patient with this process from Cyber Coverage to Bonding and everything in between. Response time to requests is excellent and we never have to ask twice for anything. As we continue to grow, we would not consider using any other company on our journey.

– Aedamar Corrigan, Office Manager, Standard Technology Integration Corp., New York, NY