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Industry Insurance specialties

We’ll help your business find insurance coverage that properly supports your growth while protecting your company’s assets, products, services, and employees.

Security Guard Insurance

While business opportunities abound in the security guard market, so do the risks – but not necessarily where security firms assume them to be.

Security Systems Insurance

The risk associated with monitoring and emergency response systems can often lead carriers to decline coverage, but that’s where a specialty insurer can make the impossible possible.

Fire Suppression Insurance

This industry’s high risks are multi-pronged and influenced by the regulatory environment, but they can be mitigated – and it starts with a review of business operations.

Home Healthcare Agency Insurance

As the demand for care has increased, so has its workforce, leading to a greater risk for workers’ compensation claims. However, that risk can be managed by the right approach to coverage.

Facilities Maintenance Insurance

When it comes to adequately insuring these services, the biggest risk doesn’t come from the company’s staff – it comes in off the street.