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Professional Liability Insurance

Protect Your Business with Professional Liability Insurance

Professional liability insurance, or errors and omissions insurance, offers financial protection if a company is sued for harm or financial loss resulting from a firm’s work or advice. In some cases, clients require a company to carry a certain level of professional liability insurance as a contractual condition. 

However, carriers are cautious about offering professional liability insurance to some industries. Finding adequate coverage feels seemingly impossible in high-risk fields. But Central Insurance Agency can help. 

CIA Helps Hard-to-Insure Businesses

CIA is a nationwide expert in helping hard-to-insure clients, including companies in the security guard industry, the security systems field, fire suppression contractors, home healthcare agencies, and facility maintenance businesses. The CIA team works with dozens of insurance carriers to adjust and combine policies that meet a client’s professional liability insurance needs. 

Even if you’ve been turned down before, we can help you find right-sized policies that will protect your company and meet the requirements of new contracts. 

A No-Cost Policy Review Protects Your Company and Your Bottom Line

Some businesses believe that if you’re over-insured, you’re simply paying for additional coverage. However, an over-insured policy makes you more likely to pay for coverage you can never use. On the other hand, if you’re underinsured, your company may be vulnerable to financial disaster. That’s why having the right-sized policy for your firm is critical.

Central Insurance Agency will help you find the optimal level of coverage for your company and your situation. A CIA Policy Review will help you understand what your policy covers and where the gaps lie. The CIA team will help you eliminate unnecessary and excessive coverage and focus your dollars on what you need.

Win More Bids and RFPs

Many bids and RFPs require specific amounts of professional liability insurance. Our CIA brokers can help you find the insurance you need at the specified levels, so you can pursue contracts that may have seemed out of reach in the past. Finally, CIA works to create affordable payments and fee structures for clients with a higher premium schedule.

Prior to buying my company, I had no experience being self-employed. Needless to say, I had a ton of questions and required a lot of help. Thankfully, Jessica at CIA is always available to answer any questions I may have and also makes sure that I have the best possible insurance coverage for my business. Whenever I need insurance information for one of the many builders I work with, Jessica takes care of it immediately. I couldn’t be happier working with Jessica and CIA Insurance.

– Bryan Golden, Owner, LV Smart Home Solutions LLC, Brentwood, NY