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General Liability Insurance

Right-Size Your Commercial General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance covers businesses and individuals against claims of property damage and personal injury arising from their business operations, products, or services. But it can also be a burdensome expense. Additionally, some contracts mandate that bidders carry increased amounts of commercial general liability insurance. However, getting that additional coverage can seem complicated or close to impossible in high-risk fields. But Central Insurance Agency can help.

CIA Helps Hard-to-Insure Clients

As nationwide experts, CIA brokers understand the challenges companies face, especially in the following industries: security guard services, security systems, fire suppression, home healthcare, and facility maintenance. The CIA team is well-versed in identifying common errors or omissions that can lead to denied coverage. We can also work with dozens of insurance carriers nationwide to combine policies that meet every client’s insurance needs.

Even if you’ve been turned down before, CIA can help you find commercial liability insurance for your small, medium, or large-sized firm, so you can protect your company and qualify for new contracts that can grow your business.

No-Cost Policy Reviews Protect Your Company and Your Bottom Line

Some business owners believe that if you’re over-insured, you’re simply paying for a higher level of coverage. Not true. With an over-insured policy, you’re more likely to pay for commercial general liability coverage with conditions in place that are geared to keep you from using it.

Conversely, if you’re underinsured, you leave your company vulnerable to financial disaster. That’s why having the right-sized policy for your firm is critical.

The CIA line-by-line insurance policy review will help you understand what your policy covers and where gaps lie. The CIA team will help you eliminate unnecessary or excessive coverage and focus your dollars on precisely what you need. Our brokers are also experienced in helping companies that have been denied coverage in the past.

Win More Bids and RFPs

Many bids and RFPs require specific amounts of general liability insurance. CIA helps security guard companies, security systems firms, fire suppression contractors, home healthcare agencies, and facility maintenance companies amend their general liability policies to meet the needs of new contracts. The CIA broker team can also help clients who have been turned down before, so you can pursue contracts that may have seemed out of reach in the past. Finally, we work to create affordable payment options and fee structures for clients who have higher premium schedules.

[I want to] commend the best liability insurance agency that I have worked with in my 42 years as a corporate officer with our security guard agency. Not only are their rates acceptable, but their knowledge of the security industry is remarkable. They have educated me on ideas to keep my employees from getting themselves into situations that may result in liability issues against my company. I would not hesitate to recommend Central Insurance Agency for anyone’s liability needs and insurance questions. Their team is, without doubt, hands on.

– Terry Zacharyj, Vice President, Metro Cleveland Security, Cleveland, OH