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Security Guard Insurance

Insurance for Security Guard Companies

With the ever-increasing focus on private security nationwide, the need for security guards has grown into a $350 billion annual market in the U.S., represented by more than 1,000,000 guards across virtually all market sectors.

While business opportunities abound in the security guard market, so do the risks – but not necessarily where security firms assume them to be.

Contrary to popular belief, the most challenging aspect of getting private security insurance coverage is not for armed guard services. It lies in correctly classifying your client contracts and guard post orders for the specific type of work your company does. We help ensure up-front accuracy so carriers will give your company the general liability insurance coverage it needs.

Protecting Profits with the Right Insurance Coverage

Having the right type of coverage means that as your security guards are protecting people and property, you’re protecting your bottom line. Central Insurance Agency is staffed with industry experts nationwide who can properly evaluate your operations and clientele to determine your specific needs and mitigate costs. In addition, our insurance brokers can review your existing policies to uncover any hidden risks and recommend changes aimed at optimal coverage.

Win More Bids and RFPs

When you’re trying to garner new business, it’s common to discover that a prospective client wants your firm to carry hefty general liability insurance to help you manage any responsibility on their part in case of situations that may result in injury or property damage to third parties.

However, private security firms often misjudge the amount of insurance required or incorrectly categorize the risk. These are common mistakes driven by the complexity of insurance requirements, so security guard agencies like yours are sometimes turned down or believe they are unable to qualify for the insurance amounts required by contracts. 

If you’re looking for a security guard insurance company that will support your business growth, Central Insurance Agency brokers know the industry intimately, so we can help even hard-to-insure companies find the proper levels of coverage required in client contracts.

Don’t Sweat Insurance Audits

Additionally, CIA is a security guard insurance company that can audit your current policies, identify errors or omissions, help you correctly classify employees, and create insurance packages that meet your specific needs. CIA brokers can also advise you on ways to incorporate insurance costs into fees.

CIA Knows Security Guard Insurance

CIA offers all types of commercial insurance to security guard companies, including general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, professional liability, excess umbrella, commercial auto, employment practices liability, and bonding insurance. How can we help you?

We were looking for the best possible insurance for our Security business that wouldn’t break the bank and Central Insurance Agency delivered. CIA managed to get us what we needed quickly so we could keep running the show. Our interactions with Keith and Bradley have been positive and timely, knowing that we are on the West Coast. They took the time to understand who we are as a company and gave us tips on how to save money as we continue to grow. We wholeheartedly recommend the CIA.

– Wendy Browning, Account Excecutive, Talent Sourcer, Treadstone Protection Agency, Tolleson, AZ