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Does Your Business Require a Fire Suppression System?

Does Your Business Require a Fire Suppression System?

Most newly built commercial buildings; and especially those that reach over 5,000 square feet, will require a fire suppression system of some kind. This typically takes the form of a trusty sprinkler system, but there are other options out there that have gained popularity in recent years. Newly built chemical systems mitigate not only fire damage, but with a unique suppressant compared to water will mitigate damage in general.

Those who have questions as to whether or not they require a fire suppression system may be asking the wrong question. Fire suppression systems are proven to mitigate risk, aid in insurance costs, and in general are an effective way to fight damaging fires. Still, while there are plenty of affordable and easy-to-install systems out there, every business owner’s situation is different.

For those businesses, or even private residences, that are in densely populated locations, a fire suppression system is typically mandatory; though, for private residences, there is often a lack of widespread sprinkler systems in areas throughout the U.S., let alone other forms of fire suppression. Still, experts suggest that the benefits of these systems outweigh the costs in almost every scenario, especially for those business owners who have a storefront full of products and assets.

For those who install these fire suppression systems, this is where Central Insurance Agency can serve you best. Installation, repair, and maintenance of fire suppression systems can open a business up to numerous liabilities, and with years of experience, CIA can help your business with policies tailor-made for you. Those considering sprinkler systems for their businesses would benefit greatly from their usage. In emergencies, fire suppression systems can be the difference between life and death, as well as the loss of and recovery of assets.

For businesses that deal with the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems, you would do well to be covered. Contact CIA to request your free quote today!

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