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Home Health Agencies Experience Worker Shortage

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The home healthcare industry has continued to grow in popularity, as hospitals and nursing homes see a decline. With this rise in popularity comes a rise in risks— it’s important to make sure you are protecting your business and your home healthcare employees from potential threats. Central Insurance Agency is prepared to provide you with a custom insurance solution to fit your needs.

Home Health Agencies Experience Worker Shortage

By Madison Forsey for WNCT9

The latest pandemic shortage isn’t toilet paper or cleaning supplies, it’s healthcare workers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the country needs 1.1 million nurses to fill open positions over the next few years. The shortage becomes even more pronounced when you focus on the home health care industry.

Kim Holley owns My PCA Greenville. Her nurses and aides provide care to homebound people and families. She started the business in 2019 with 20 employees.

Now, she only has eight.

She said the pandemic is to blame. Employees didn’t feel safe going into other people’s homes or needed to stay home with kids.

The shortage led the team to adapt their care plans.

“We’re bringing the people from the outside into the home, when everyone was really like, ‘OK, I want to be isolated, and I’m not sure if I even want to have this service,’ which led to a lot of family members becoming caregivers,” said Holley.

She believes things are picking up again. Her business is starting to see more applications. She’s also offering monthly incentives for employees.

Holley hopes to get her team up to 40 people to better serve her clients.

Central Insurance Agency is happy to accommodate the unique requirements of your business. Contact us to get your free quote today!

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