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How Fire Suppression Systems can Fail

How Fire Suppression Systems can Fail

Fire suppression systems are important aspects of everyday life. Fire-related emergencies are constant occurrences throughout the world, but it falls to the fire suppression industry to innovate with new technologies and alarm systems meant to fend off the damaging effects of fires. Whether you are a business owner with an in-depth fire suppression system or a homeowner in a densely populated area, fire suppression systems are key facets of your safety from potential flames.

But what happens when fire suppression systems fail us? And how do these incidents occur? Most of the time, a fire suppression system installation, monitoring, or repair business is the first to be blamed for issues with a given fire suppression system. Because of this, it is important for these businesses to be insured. As a general insurance broker, Central Insurance Agency can help with all of your business needs, including fire suppression insurance for those who are installing the systems for their business.

Typically, a failed fire suppression system looks like the following:

  • Failed Alarms: A fire alarm system is a property’s first defense from damaging flames, but when an alarm fails, either through a fault in its software or hardware, or even through fault of a monitoring business, this can be a terrible situation for all involved.

  • Faulty Sprinkler System: For those businesses that require a sprinkler system, trust in said system is necessary. However, a fault sprinkler system is possible, be it due to a factory defect or improper installation. This can lead to issues such as a sprinkler system only partially eliminating a fire, or not going off at all.

These are just a few ways in which a fire suppression system can fail. Even self-use equipment such as fire extinguishers can fail at the last minute. Although fire suppression insurance typically covers systems rather than small, individual pieces of equipment. Fire suppression insurance is a natural step for those businesses that deal in this hugely impactful industry full of liabilities.

Contact Central Insurance Agency today for a free quote, and to learn how your insurance needs can be met!

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