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How to Have a Successful Security Patrol


How to Have a Successful Security Patrol

Those businesses within the security industry that employ security guards of all kinds would do well to instruct their employees on the essentials of a successful security patrol. With educational measures in place, any security guard can be better prepared to face the day-to-day challenges of the job.

The first important step in preparing your security guards is that of equipment. The right equipment, and being trained in its usage, is about as important as anything else within a security guard’s role. Defensive gear can include radios, flashlights, pepper spray, and even firearms and batons if allowed within a given jurisdiction.

Training in potential jobsite hazards is also of great importance within the security industry. If your security guards are patrolling commercial sites, particularly those that may be housing hazardous substances, knowing exactly what they are up against can be a substantial factor in successful patrolling. Training in individual job sites should not be ignored, particularly because easy-to-avoid liabilities can be side-stepped.

Suspect training is also key. Maintaining a safe distance between a suspect may seem like a given within the industry, but without the right employee training, some security guards may be at an increased risk of altercation with suspects.

Finally, an understanding of emergency procedures will keep your security guard employees safe. Evacuation routes at a given jobsite in the case of fires are of great importance. In case of injury, first-aid skills and other qualifications will allow your security guards to stay in top shape and have peace of mind on the job.

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