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Negligent Security Cases: Facts and Statistics to Know


Information sourced from Negligent Security Attorney

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Common Inadequately Secured Locations Giving Rise to Lawsuits

The most frequent location for the negligent security cases was a parking lot (289 inadequate security lawsuits in the study took place in a parking lot). Apartment buildings were second with 211 cases. Other frequent locations for crime victim cases were stores, exterior common areas, bars and schools.

Negligent Security Settlements Based on Business Type

During the 10 years examined, apartment operating companies paid a median $1.5 million in damages from jury awards and $1.7 million in out of court settlements. 

Retail stores paid a median of $1.7 million from jury verdicts and averaged a settlement of $1.2 million.

In inadequate security lawsuits, hotels paid out an average of $1 million in jury verdicts and $632,000 in pretrial settlements. 

Restaurants paid an average of $600,000 in jury verdict awards and settled on average for $2.8 million their negligent security lawsuits.

Settlements and Verdicts Based on Injury

Wrongful death averaged the most significant jury verdicts at $2.8 million.

Second were robberies with a median jury verdict of $1,900,000 with a median settlement of $1.6 million. 

Thirdly, inadequate security rape lawsuits resulted in an average of $1.5 million jury verdicts and settled on average for $1.2 million. 

Coming in fourth would be assault and battery cases. Injured victims of A&B cases obtained average jury verdicts of $1,200,000 and median pretrial settlements of $1.1 million.

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