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What to Know About Residential Fire Suppression Systems

What to Know About Residential Fire Suppression Systems

While newly built commercial buildings fitting certain specifications are often required to have a fire suppression system, the lines blur when it comes to residential areas. Fire suppression systems are not mandatory for every residential area, such as a home in a low-population area. When it comes to residential apartment complexes, however, a fire suppression system is typically necessary, though local ordinance comes into play.

A fire suppression system, which most commonly takes the form of a sprinkler fire suppression system. There has been a growing trend in recent years as high-profile fire damage has become a problem in certain areas for residential homeowners among other residential building types to install these systems.

For those businesses within the fire suppression system installation industry, it may be important to consider your insurance needs as well. Fire suppression systems are an industry full of liabilities and because of this what you are liable for is one of the most important parts of keeping your business stable.

Central Insurance Agency as a general broker can help with all of your business’s insurance needs with tailor-made policies meant to best benefit you.

A fire suppression system of any kind reduces fire damage dramatically. Depending on your system, however, different types of damage are still necessary trade-offs for safety from the flames. More commonly, waterless fire suppression systems employing the use of chemicals have become more common. For those worried about safety, either in their business or their home, a fire sprinkler system, or any kind of fire suppression system, will drastically increase the chances of survival, and can even reduce the cost of homeowner and certain commercial business insurance policies.

For businesses that deal with the installation and maintenance of fire suppression systems, the right range of coverage is important. Contact CIA to request your free quote today!

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