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Why Small Businesses Need Insurance

Whether you are a large corporation with thousands of employees or a small start-up with 10 employees, various risks can occur in the workplace. It is important to have the correct insurance coverage needed for your specific business. Learn more about why small businesses need insurance from us at the Central Insurance Agency. 

Need to Protect Your Employees

No matter how many employees your business has, it is still important to protect everyone. Liability insurance is a great way to keep your employees protected and feel more secure. Not only is insurance coverage nice for your business, but it also will attract new employees to want to join your business because of its great benefits. 

Avoid Money Being Taken Directly From Your Business

If you’re sued or have a lawsuit against your company, not having the appropriate coverage could cause you to pay out of pocket. Having liability insurance could protect you from paying unnecessary costs in the case of being sued by an old employee or other lawsuit issues. 


Theft can occur in any business, no matter how big or small the company is. Property insurance is a great thing for a business to have, especially because if you have a small business, you won’t have the money to replace things if they go missing or are destroyed. Property insurance not only covers theft, but also protects against vandalism, fires, or natural disasters. 

Workplace Accidents

No matter what services your business provides, workplace accidents are bound to occur. Without insurance, your business will have to pay out of pocket if things go wrong and an accident occurs with one of your employees. Obtaining worker’s compensation can protect your business and employees against this. Workers’ compensation will cover medical bills and pay benefits for the employee. 

Central Insurance Agency

At the Central Insurance Agency, an insurance agency in Smithtown, New York, we offer great coverage for your small business. Get a free quote today and learn more by visiting the Central Insurance Agency website today!

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